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What does a Pro-fisherman have that I don't have?

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


Our mission at custom fishing lure company is to help you figure out what to do to prepare before you go on your next fishing trip. So you have discovered throughout our teaching, there is a lot more to bass fishing that meets the eye.

At this time you should be familiar with the species and lakes you are going to fish.

It’s Saturday morning and you are watching all the outdoor channels on TV that are showing the pros catching unbelievable giant fish or winning $150,000 tournaments. Then it hits us “What do they have that I don’t?”

Please remember, this is going to sting a bit, but it’s all about learning and taking the next step.

The pro-fisherman has……………

EXPERIENCE: Big John at custom fishing lure company has been a pro-fisherman for over 30 years. Each year he has fished over 250 days on the water. Not the 9-5 days but the 5AM to 8PM fishing days. All that time on the water has given him the Experience. Do the math! Over the past 30 years, he has been on the water

well over 75,000 hours. Now compare that to your experience.

KNOWLEDGE: Take all the hours fishing, then add all the hours doing research. Pros spend hours and hours studying every bit of information they can about specific lakes. They study each lure and how it reacts in specific conditions. They study structure, current, weather and temperatures and how it affects whether or not the fish are more likely to bite. Then they study all the social media available on fishing. They study more than someone going to university for a degree. Ok, so now we know the Pro-fisherman has extensive

experience, a wealth of knowledge.

Next …..EQUIPMENT: The Pro-fisherman invests in the very best equipment; from a $75,000 boat and motor, a $60,000 tow vehicle, and tens of thousands in rods, reels, every lure ever made and more electronics than the last space shuttle probably had. It’s almost a miracle that the average Joe Fisherman could dream competing at that level. But we believe there is one more thing that is more important than anything else…DESIRE

Just last month a young 25 year old man named Jordan Lee beat the best fishermen in the world and won the 2017 Bass Master Classic and a million dollars. That is my definition of desire.

How could a young man with a fraction of the knowledge and experience of the 40 older pros win?

It’s call desire! And that is why we go fishing, because you never know until you go fish how awesome it can be.

Enjoy your time on the water. Relax or get intense, either way custom fishing lure company is available to improve your experience, your knowledge and your fishing lures!

Big John

Owner and CEO of

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