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The question of the day is “Which one should I throw?”

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

​It’s Spring, a beautiful day on the lake; you open your Crankbait Tackle box.

The question of the day is “Which one should I throw?”

There are a few elements that make your decision easy.

First you consider water temperature and clarity. Next we need to figure out the bass depth, position and mood to assist the angler in selecting the size, sound, action, and color. It’s early April and the lakes water is warming up fast. Every thing that swims in the lake is on the bank or close by, so depth of water is easy…..Shallow! When the water temperature is above 65 degrees, the bass are aggressive, so a bait with a wide wobble and a rattle makes sense.

For the next few weeks our crankbaits should not be in water depth more than 6 ft. I prefer 4 ft. It’s pre-spawn time and a lot of dating is going on between male and female bass. April in the southeast is our rainy time, so most lakes and high and dirty. This means slow wide wobbly crankbaits in bright colors are best.

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