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Sharing Brandon Lester's thoughts on topwater bass fishing.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

These are some of the new topwater lures that have come out since this blog was originally posted. At ...We can make your custom topwater lures just they way you want them. Sharing Brandon Lester's thoughts on topwater bass fishing. In order to get an idea of how far you can push topwater fishing, you first need to figure out when it’s at its best. Lester said his favorite time to fish topwaters is in the spring, when the water temperature is about 65 degrees. Most years that happens about mid-April on his home lakes. That’s when anglers historically go to shallow flats, rig up small, soft-plastic baits and start looking for bedding bass. But he said getting locked into fishing that one way can be a mistake. Other shallow-water cover such as laydowns, docks or grass beds can hold bass that are going on or coming off beds. Topwaters can be a great way to catch those bass, because they can be fished faster, allowing you to cover more water. And many represent vulnerable prey, igniting neutral bass to feed.

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