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Secrets of Catching More and Bigger Fall Bass

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

As the last few golden leaves of fall hit the ground, it seems everyone becomes an expert on telling us how to catch more and bigger Bass. Basically they all talk about the same thing. For those who want more than the basics, please continue reading. Our group of pro-fishing guides and lure makers are not experts with a degree in fish management. However, each of us have been fishing for more than 30 years. If you total that up, we at have over 150 years experience, so we have formed opinions regarding the sport. We all love “Bass Fishing” . From now to the end of December, most people are focused on Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, history tells us this is also the time to go catch the biggest bass in the lake. Just like you and I are beginning the holiday season of eating to excess, so do the bass! But what triggers them to do so….it’s baitfish and water temperature. When the lakes water temperature drops below 65 degrees and the nights seem longer than the daylight, there is a movement of all the baitfish to the shallows. So we begin our fishing day by hunting. HUNTING? Yes, hunting for the baitfish. Some days we spend more time hunting baitfish than actually fishing. Once you find the baitfish, you have eliminated 80% of the lake and are now dialed into the area the Bass are. LOCATE AND STAY WITH THE BAITFISH! Bait fish actually run in cycles. In Spring they are shallow, In Summer they go deep, In Fall they go shallow and In Winter they go deep again. The baitfish will always tell you where to start fishing. With today’s outstanding electronics finding bait fish is easy for most. Now that we have located the baitfish and based on our guide notes, the following are recommendations for what lures to use at what temperature. 60-65 degrees = swimbaits, jerkbaits, crankbaits 55-60 degrees = spinner baits, jerkbaits, jigs 50-55 degrees = jigs, jerkbaits, spoons Remember, water temperatures are more important in the fall than any other time of the year. Generaly, the colder the water the slower your presentation. Now, let us study the structure. Rocks, roadbeds, bridge, boat docks, blown down trees. Remember, structure affects the water temperature. Why? Rocks and wood absorb heat. In addition, the color of the baits are chosen by the type of baitfish (MATCH THE HATCH), water color, time of year. Example: When crawfish mate, use orange/brown crawdad crankbaits. Reviewing our day….. We started with finding the baitfish. Determining water temperature and what it means. Fishing the right structure and how to fish them.. Finding the bass – BIG GIANT BASS And last, deciding what kind of bait to use. Use these methods to solve the beginning of the puzzle. Next time we will learn about type of line, speed of presentation, rattle or no rattle and even how to use wind to catch more giant bass. Now, you too can buy the same custom, hand-painted fishing lures that we make for the elite fishing pros. For more information, facts and fishing tips, check us out at There are archived articles on fishing tips and more. You can reach Big John at or text 770-262-2468 and you can like us on facebook

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