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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Best Fishing Tips for Early Morning Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fish Faster When Water Temperatures are Warm

When water temperatures are warmer, bass will usually be most active in the early morning. Try fishing the shallows for some of those active bass. Cover some water with some search baits to find active bass.

Fish Slower When Water Temperatures are Cold

When water temperatures are cold, bass will usually be sluggish in the morning. Slow down and fish close to cover while you wait for water temps to warm up as the sun gets high in the sky.

Topwater Lures are Awesome From Late Spring Through Early Fall

When water temperatures are consistently above 65 degrees, you can usually experience some awesome topwater fishing during the first couple hours of the morning. Some lakes offer a better topwater bite than others, but it’s definitely a technique worth trying on your favorite body of water.

Fish Faster & Cast Your Baits Slightly Away From Cover

Bass will be more active in the a.m. as long as water temperatures are warm. You will usually find more bass farther away from cover during this time period than you will during the afternoons. Because a lot of bass are searching for a meal, you need to spread your casts out to find bass that are away from their preferred resting spot.

Best Fishing Tips for Afternoon Largemouth Bass Fishing

Slow Down & Fish Tighter to Cover

This is a no brainer. It will help you put more fish in the boat. At this time of day, you are going to be trying to get some inactive fish to bite. Leaving a bait close to their resting spot for longer will help get some of these fish to bite.

Early Spring & Late Fall – Get out and Fish

The afternoon will usually be the better time to fish during the early spring and late fall or even early winter. The warmer water temperatures during the middle of the day will help trigger some bass to feed.

Find Current

If you’re on a body of water that draws current during the day, fish when the current is running. It’s like ringing a dinner bell. It could be the best time of the day to fish.

Fish Deeper

Sometimes, you just have to fish deeper. Find a drop-off near your best shallow water spots and you’ll probably find some of those bass that were in the shallows in the morning, but have disappeared.

Use Your Electronics

Using your electronics to find drop-offs and the drop-offs that actually hold fish is a great way to find bass once they go deeper.

Best Fishing Tips for Evening Largemouth Bass Fishing

Fish with Topwater Lures

While everything will typically work while fishing in the evening, this may be the best time to get a nice bass to come up and hit a topwater lure. With water temperatures above 65 degrees, try throwing your favorite topwater lure for the last 90 minutes before it gets dark.

Search Baits are King

Because bass will usually turn on and feed aggressively, you can usually fish a little faster and catch quite a few bass by throwing your favorite search bait.

Best Fishing Tips for Largemouth Bass Fishing at Night

Go With a Buddy

Simple. Be safe. Go with a buddy.

Have the Proper Lights

No lights and you’re asking for trouble. You may be fine, but just wait for the tangles.

Know the Water You’re Fishing

Scout out the areas you plan on fishing at night during the day. This is one of the best tips for staying safe.

Check the Weather

You don’t want to be on the water at night if bad storms are coming in. Even if you know what you’re doing and you have all the required safety gadgets, it won’t matter if something happens and you need the help of someone else. There is a good chance that nobody will be out there to lend a hand.

Fish During the Full Moon

The full moon offers more light at night which makes fishing easier on the angler, which is great. The fishing is usually also better, so it’s a win-win.

Slow Down

Fish slower and you’ll catch more bass. Simple, but so true.

Fish Topwater Lures

Topwater lures are the most popular lures for catching largemouth bass at night. The best topwater lures for night fishing are crawlers. These lures crawl along the surface with a steady, wobbling action that drive bass crazy. Bass can find these lures a lot easier than other topwater lures, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lot of success with a variety of topwater lures.

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