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If it's Hot, The Bass are Hungry!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

*Summertime Hottest Secrets to Catch More and Bigger Fish*

In the 4 months from June through September, the bass in your lake feed more than the other 8 months combined. Why? *1. **Hot weather and hot water equals raised metabolism and the fish eat all day instead of only a few times a day.* *2. **Bigger Baits are better. All bait fish reach their biggest size in the summer so, MATCH THE HATCH! Bigger baits equals more bites.* *3. **Current is everything. Lakes that have power plants or dams generate more when it is super hot outside. (They have to power all that air-conditioning) Schedule your fishing around when the plant/dam is generating. It creates current and when the water is moving FISH EAT MORE and more and more.* *4. **Schooling Bass and Jerkbaits! When it’s hot and the bass are schooling, try a suspending jerkbaits. They will destroy them!* *OK, It’s hot but now you have no excuse not to go fishing.* ​GO GET 'EM! *Use our secrets and you will look forward to the Good Ole Summer Time!*

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