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Updated: Sep 27, 2023


April 2014

1. Rod Size: 7-8 ft Medium/Heavy

2. Reel Size: Spring/Fall 5.2 ratio

Summer/hot 6.3-7.1 ratio

3. Line Size: Main line #50 lb. spiderwire braid

Leader line Clearwater: fluorocarbon 8-17 lb.

*Note: remember fluorocarbon line sinks (sometime you have to use monofiliament to keep your bait off the bottom

All other: Trilene XT mono green 8-20 lb.

Length of Leader: Clearwater : 30 inches to 4 ft.

All other: 1-3 ft.

*Note: If there is grass, you will need to adjust length of leader and sinker size

*Note: Water temperature also determines line/leader/weight size

*Note: Wind/Weather, also determines line/leader/weight size

4. Weight/size and shape: 90% of the time I use 5/8 zoom barrel weight

Note: How deep you are fishing/wind force/water clarity is a BIG factor in

weight/size/shape (examples on the display board)

5. Some of my secrets:

a. I use crankbaits on Carolina rigs 20% of the time. These are great from March through June. *Note: I only use shallow running baits

b. I throw a fluke or minnow plastic bait on Carolina rig especially if the is a heavy amount of shad or when baitfish are done spawning.

c. I use a floater worm or creature bait on Carolina rig especially if there are big rocks, timer, brush and/or grass. The bait is always off the bottom.

d. Once water temperature reaches 75-80 degrees, I throw a big worm (71/2 to 10 inches). The best color everywhere is red shad. *Note: If the lake is 80% spots, I throw a tick worm. The best color in summer is junebug

e. Use a ½ oz. to 1 ½ oz. jig with trailer as the main line weight, followed by small dead ringer (zoom) worm. *Note: Dead ringer should be the same color as jig and trailer.

f. Paint your sinkers: My favorite colors are black, red, greenpumkin

g. Swivels need to correspond with what you are fishing with. ( Diagrams on display board.) For example, if I’m throwing a fluke my swivel is bright silver.

h. Beads: Color also makes a difference as well as sound. Sometimes you need to double up or combine brass bead with a glass one. I use green and red most of the time.

i. Hooks: Always use the smallest hook you can get away with so bait stays off the bottom. All my hooks are black offset.

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