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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

ARE YOU READY? Best 5 fishing lures for fall transition Summer is over and the very best season of fishing has already started. Are you ready? The Pro Fishermen at have combined their decades of fishing experience to dial you into what you need to have the best fall fishing season ever! The following baits are listed by importance:

  1. Jerkbaits are your “go to bait” , from today through March

Many tournament fishermen prefer our custom, hand-painted fishing lures. Superior quality, beautiful painted lures for much less than retail. (Suggested colors for fall are shown)

*Note: Besides hard body jerkbaits, soft plastic ones like the ones made by zoon (called the Fluke) are in the same class for great fall fishing experiences 2. CRANKBAITS: Rapala style DT6, Shad Raps, Squarebill style, and medium divers. (all shad pattersn) Shad Color Lures, and some with chartruse and orange.

3. TOPWATER LURES: This category includes hard body in Luckycraft Sammy Style and Sara Spooks Style lures.

4.Whatever kind of spinner baits you like but choose the Shad colors. ​ 5. Chatterbaits, swim jigs. Best used as the water gets color. ​Because our Pro-fishing staff spend over 250 days a year fishing, They are specialists in choosing the right baits and the right color patterns. Stock up your tackle box with the best lures for an awesome fall fishing season! We love to talk fishing. Call 770-262-2468 or email Like us on facebook

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