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Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The first major advantage that can be immediately noticed is a thick durable clear coat. Unlike the less effective clear coat on mass produced lures that often loses its color and cracks, most custom cranks will look better and last longer, even after deep probing structure and bite after bite.

The obvious next advantage is in the realism offered by some of the baitfish pattern, so check out our live bait series. Protected by a thick clear coat, the vibrant colors really come to life, and offer an ultra realistic package when created by the hands of a true artist.

Many anglers believe that a fish can grow accustomed to seeing the same baits swim by on a regular basis, and will lose curiosity. You may not believe this to be the case at your local honey hole, but at lakes such as Alabama’s Lake Guntersville, which hosts over a hundred tournaments a year, it becomes a legitimate concern. Sometimes it takes a new color, or a slight tweak to an existing well producing pattern, to gain the edge over your competition.

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