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Match The Hatch - Check The Temperature

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


​The pros at have it figured out. When it is time to dig out all your cold weather fishing coats and gloves, there is one more thing you need to remember…. Suspending Jerkbaits!

There is one thing that will turn a cold, nasty winder day on the lake into a hot time. Suspending Jerkbaits are the key., one of the leaders in creating and custom hand-painting fishing lures, specializes in developing color patterns that motivate dormant cold water bass into attack mode.

Did you ever notice when you are fishing in cold weather and cold water, the fish you catch all look they went through 100 car washes. The bass have very little color, pale white on white. Not only does the bass look like they need a sunlamp, the baitfish do, too! Now if all the baitfish are without color, why would a Big Old Bass attack something that has the brilliant colors of the Christmas season? MATCH THE HATCH takes on a brand new meaning in cold water. Before you make your first cast, check the water temperature and tie on the color jerkbait that works best in that temperature.

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